Preview of ONC certification process

Health and Human Services HHS issues a last rule to establish a certificate program for EHR technology. They detail out the procedure to be established in order to become a certifying body. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health HITECH Act directs Office of National Coordinator to promote the meaningful use of EHR technology nationally. Under the application, firstly for an ONC-ATCB, the candidates need to follow the below process. These organizations then run programs for review of their Health IT Company’s EHR technology wherein the functionalities, safety and interoperability criteria are analyzed.

Having understood the Procedure by today the question may be why ONC ATCB certification. The main reason why a software development firm would be interested in this certification is because it provides the programmers of this technology to get their health care solution tested and accepted by health care providers to be used. And why should the health care provider choose ONCT ATCB tested product. It is beneficial for any supplier under the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive program to maintain their incentives of embracing the health care technology. It might provide confidence to the physicians in the capacities of the product that they plan to adopt.

ONC using its certificate of Purposeful use is tremendously supporting the nation’s move towards secured and functional exchange of healthcare information, benefitting both the technology provider and the healthcare provider. If you get small orders, then you can do the printing yourself on parchment paper with your color printer. If you get bigger orders of more than a dozen or so, you may use a local print shop and add the cost to the customer’s order and earn some excess money in the procedure.

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